Monday, 30 January 2012

Objective Question C Introduction

1. Which of the following langauge is predecessor to C Programming Language ?
(A) A.
(B) B
(D) C++
Answer :

2. C pogramming language was developed by
A. Dennis Ritchie
B. Ken Thompson
C. Bill Gates
D. Peter Norton
Answer :

3. C programming language was developed by
A. 1970
B. 1972
C. 1976
D. 1980
Answer :

4. C is a -------- language
A. High Level
B. Low Level
C. Middle Level
D. Machine Level
Answer :

5. C language is available for which of the following Operating Systgem ?
A. Dos
B. Windows
C. Unix
D. All of these

6. Which of the following symbol is used to denote a pre-processor statement ?
A. !
B. #
C. ~
D, ;
Answer :

7. Which of the following is a Scalar Data type
A. Float
B. Union
C. Array
D. Pointer
Answer :

8. Which of the following are tokens in C?
A. Keywords
B. Varables
C. Constants
D. All of the above
Answer :

9. What is the valid range of numbers for int type of data ?
A. 0 to 256
B. -32768 to +32767
C. -65536 to +65536
D. No specific Range
Answer :

10. Which symbol is used as a statement terminator in C?
A. !
B. #
C. ~
D, ;
Answer :

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